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Multilateralism matters

18.05.2020 - Artikel

Multilateral cooperation is a success story more important than ever today when it comes to resolving the most urgent issues of our age and we need strong global cooperation and solidarity to fight COVID-19

In 2019, German Foreign Minister Maas, together with his French Counterpart French Foreign Minister Le Drian ,  initiated an alliance for multilateralism, a new network of countries working together in a wide range of policy areas that is committed to preserving and further developing our rules-based order. The aim is to bolster the values of the UN, strengthen cooperation, enhance the legitimacy of fair rules and tackle the challenges of the future together.

In a joint declaration, ministers of Foreign Affairs from 24 countries, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, and Norway launched a 'wake-up call for multilateralism' to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

On Monday, 18 May 2020, the German Embassy and the French Embassy in Wellington each sent a joint and identical Note Verbale to the New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to encourage New Zealand to join the alliance for multilateralism





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