COVID‑19 test requirement on entry to Germany

31.03.2021 - Article

From 30th March 2021, all persons travelling to Germany by air must present a negative COVID‑19 test result before embarking on their journey. This applies regardless of the country from where the individual has travelled. Persons under six years of age and aircraft crews are exempt. The negative test result must be presented to the airline before departure.

The tests must be done at the relevant test centers abroad no more than 48 hours before entering Germany (time of the swab). In countries where such a test is not possible, airlines may carry out the tests or charge a third party with carrying them out.

Nucleic acid amplification technology processes (PCR, LAMP, TMA) and antigen tests are accepted. Antigen rapid tests are accepted if they meet the minimum criteria recommended by WHO.

The respective test can be presented before boarding the last international flight to Germany. This means, that either an Antigen rapid test can be taken in transit or that a negative result from a test in New Zealand, which has come through in the meantime, could be presented. The final decision lies with the airline.

If available, also a self-test under supervision of airline crew is acceptable. Antibody tests are not accepted.

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