Corruption prevention

12.03.2018 - Article

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Corruption prevention

The Guideline aims to provide, by means of few rules, understandable directives for an administration of integrity, fairness and transparency.

Ethical principles and the rejection of corruption should be firmly anchored in the diplomatic missions of the employees at the headquarters of the Federal Foreign Office and in the posted and local staff. Important concerns of corruption prevention at the headquarters of the Federal Foreign Office and in the diplomatic missions abroad include the sensitization of employees on the issue, the protection against possible corruption risks and the maintenance of  high ethical standards as an integral part of all administrative acts.

Rewards, personal gifts or other benefits

The principle applies: Acceptance prohibited!

Without prior consent of the service, employees at the headquarters of the Federal Foreign Office, as well as the posted and the local staff in the diplomatic missions are not allowed to accept any rewards, gifts or other benefits in relation to their office or duties. All other provisions can be found in the circular of 08.11.2004 of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on the prohibition of accepting rewards or gifts in the federal administration and in the relevant circulars in the Foreign Office. For further information and answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to the question and answer catalog on the topic of accepting rewards, gifts or other benefits (grants), prepared by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Initiative on the prevention of corruption between the Federal Administration and the private sector.

Contact person for any corruption prevention related matters is Mr Michael Feiner.

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