The German research vessel SONNE

08.03.2018 - Article
FS SONNE© Universität Hamburg/LDF/M.Harting

Germany's most modern research vessel - the new RV SONNE - is the globally recognised flaggship of the German research fleet. Commissioned in Warnemuende in November 2014 by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the SONNE heralded a new technical era for German and international marine research. For the first time the ship offers a common study platform to international researchers of geophysics, geology, climatology, biology and oceanography. The SONNE's main area of deployment are the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The ship is expected to be in use for German research for at least 30 years. Serving a variety of research subjects, there are app 600 sqm of work rooms on board, among them 8 laboratories, one hangar for large equipment and fully automated meteorological stations. Detailed technical information about the SONNE  are HERE.

FS SONNE - Magnetdetektor
FS SONNE - Magnetdetektor© PictureAlliance

Information about sailings, use of equipment, reports as well as photos and a  press archive is on the website of the   University of Hamburg.

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