German Antarctic Research Station NEUMAYER

07.03.2018 - Article
 Neumayer III
 Neumayer III© Picture Alliance

Since 2009, the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) has been running one of the most modern polar research stations worldwide “at the southern-most German workplace” - Antarctic research station “Neumayer”.

Its newest version, “Neumayer-Station III”, is located in a building on a platform high above snowy ground. Supported by 16 poles, it can be raised hydraulically by the technical experts. This enables the station to “grow” with the thickening layer of snow underneath with the platform remaining approx. six metres above the ice. This avoids the fate of the previous station which repeatedly collapsed due to the heavy layer of snow on top. Covered by a protective outer shell, the platform contains a total of 100 containers in two layers with a diverse range of functions: living- and sleeping quarters, a hospital, kitchen, catering facilities, a communication centre and sanitary provisions. An underground garage has been built into the ice below which holds, among other, snowmobiles and sledges.  During the Antarctic summer, up to 40 people live and work in the station - in winter, only a cook, three engineers, a doctor and a scientist remain as the winter team.

The scientists conduct their work in offices and laboratories, with the most important work being conducted outside on the icefields. Observatories for geophysical, hydro-accoustic and meteorological research provide the station's environment.
In addiition, there is a trace elements observatory where scientists are continiously measuring the amount and character of the climatically relevant gases in the air.

You can find more detailed information on the Neumayer Station HERE.

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