Passport applications for persons under the age of 18

08.03.2018 - Article
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There are two types of passports for minors. Both can only be applied for in person .

1. Biometric passports: biometric passports can be issued from birth onwards and are mandatory from the age of 12. The biometric passport for minors is valid for 6 years and is printed by the Federal Printing Office in Berlin.

2. Children’s passports (Kinderreisepässe): Children’s passports are non-biometric passports and are valid for 6 years but will not be issued beyond the child’s 12th birthday. With this passport you will not be able to enter or transit through the US without a visa.  Please check whether there are restrictions for the entry and/or transit  with your children´s passport for your destination. Both types of passports can only be applied for in person (parents and child) by prior appointment.

You will need to book an appointment for both types of passports and for each applicant.

Please book your appointment HERE.

The following is required for your application:

  • Application form passport Application form PDF / 391 KB
  • Parents' signatures
  • If one parent cannot be present, the application can still proceed with just one parent attending, provided the signature of the absent parent has been certified on the 3rd page of the passport application and the original passport or a certified passport copy is enclosed. Important: Certifications must be done either by a German Honorary Consul, a German Mission Abroad or a notary public (with seal).
  • Valid passports of both parents.
  • Marriage certificate/extract of family book if applicable (if in another language, please provide a German or English translation of the certificate)
  • If applicable: child’s German naturalisation certificate or parent’s naturalisation certificate
  • If the child or one of the parents has made a name declaration, please bring the confirmation of name declaration
  • Most recent German local authority de-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’) – only if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is shown in the passport. Not applicable if the child was born abroad
  • Two recent, identical, passport photos
  • Denial of citizenship of one parent, if applicable
  • Name declaration, if applicable
  • Fingerprints (for European passports of children aged 6 and over) will be taken at the time of application at the Embassy
  • The child's birth certificate
  • Signature of the child (from age 10 onwards)
  • A self-addressed courier envelope if postal delivery is preferred

Please note that your application can only be accepted if the documents below are complete. If the documentation is incomplete, you might have to make a new appointment.

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