German citizenship

04.03.2019 - Article


By the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 20 May 2020 - 2 BvR 2628/18 - the circle of those entitled to claim under Article 116(2) sentence 1 of the Basic Law (GG) was extended.

As of now, descendants in the sense of nationality law also include

- legitimate children born before 01.04.1953 to forced naturalised German mothers and foreign fathers

- illegitimate children born before 01.07.1993 to forced naturalised German fathers and foreign mothers

Recourse to the existing naturalisation options under Section 14 of the Nationality Act in conjunction with the decrees of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland of 28 March 2012 and 30 August 2019 is therefore no longer necessary.

Persons affected by this, whose application for naturalisation pursuant to Article 116 (2) sentence 1 of the Basic Law has been rejected in the past in accordance with the case law previously in force, may contact the mission abroad at any time.

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