Gagaemalae Primary School gets an upgrade from Germany

04.05.2023 - Image gallery

The German Embassy in Wellington has completed a partnership project with Gagaemalae Primary School as part of the school Improvement incentive with a special ceremony on 4th April 2023. For this project the German Embassy contributed just over $21,000 Samoan Tala worth of materials for the school. With these martials the Gagaemalae Primary School was able to renovate the bathrooms, paint the school building, renew the classroom lights, tile two classrooms and the library.

Honorary Consul of Germany to Samoa Tagaloa Christa Szegedi explained the importance of providing resources for the education sector here in Samoa “As German Consul to Samoa, I have always emphasized the importance of providing assistance towards the education sector of Samoa. At the same time it is also vital that resources and support are given to the Big Island of Savaii”. With regards to the project Mrs Szegedi also added “By working together with the support of the school and the committee we have ensured a better learning environment for the benefit of students and teachers here at Gagaemalae Primary School”.

Tam Kwan Falute, who is the principal at Gagaemalae Primary School, expressed his appreciation for the support. “It’s an honour for our students to receive such a blessing. For so many years they have been drinking off one tap but now they have a drinking fountain with 3 separate taps. Having our last two classrooms and the library being tiled is another blessing for our students. We are now free from collecting fine mats for students to sit on and also free from the dusty concrete that most of our students used to sit on for the past years”.

The ceremony was attended by the Honourable Minister of Finance Mulipola Anarosa Molioo.

Full speech by our Honorary Consul in Samoa, Christa Szegedi can be found here

Gagaemalae Primary School gets an upgrade from Germany

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