Clean water for Letogo students

08.06.2023 - Image gallery

The German Embassy in Wellington has completed a partnership project with Letogo Primary School, providing students with access to clean drinking water.

New water fountains were installed and $20,000 worth of building materials were provided to the school.

Honorary Consul of Germany to Samoa, Tagaloa Christa Szegedi said this project was very important because the students were facing difficulties accessing clean water.

“By providing materials like the floor tiles and by working together with the school committee, we have ensured a better learning environment for the benefit of students and teachers here at Letogo,” she said.

Letogo Primary School principal Ruta Folau said lack of access to clean water and the need for repairs and renovations were always a challenge faced by the school.

“I always feel sorry for the students for having poor equipment that are needed for ensuring a healthy learning environment. The committee together with the staff tried their best to come up with alternatives to address the problem such as the filters. Now, I am so excited to say that we have new water fountains that allow everyone to access to safe water”, said Ruta Folau.

Tagaloa added that this project is a great example on how two countries collaborate to make a meaningful difference especially at the community and the grassroots level.

Letogo Primary School has 10 teachers and 260 students. The principal also said that a number of students have dropped out due to having no immunisation cards amongst other reasons.

She acknowledged the support from the donors and everyone who have contributed to the success of this project.

“I really am thankful to the heavenly Father for these initiatives and assistance our school has witnessed today. We are here to celebrate the completion of this project,” she said.

“This project was made possible because of the generous support from her excellency Nicole Menzenbach, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in New Zealand. I also want to thank Mrs. Debora Yaakobi from the Embassy in Wellington for her guidance and assistance with this project.”

“To the school committee and staff, I am so thankful for all of you. To also take my hat off to the village for their support and work. Lastly, thanks to our staff for the hard work.”

Clean water for Letogo students

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