Employment with partial recognition of training ( §16d AufenthG)

30.06.2020 - Article

Should your training  only be partially recognised by the competent authority in Germany, you can apply for a visa in order to obtain the neccessary qualifications in Germany and at the same time start your employment.

After completion of further  training and the complete recognition of educational background you can apply for a proper residence permit.

Where and How to apply?

Visa applications can only be lodged in person by prior appointment with the German Embassy in Wellington. Honorary Consuls do not handle any visa applications.

Appointments have to be booked via our online appointment booking system

New Zealand citizens can travel visa free to Germany and can apply for the necessary permit  after arrival at the local immigration office.


What do I need to fill out and provide?

Please have your complete application ready for your appointment and do not include staples, post it notes,   paperclips and folders of any kind. The photograph(s) is/ are not allowed to be stapled, glued or blue tacked to the form.

  1. Please print out your completed visa application form twice
  2. Required documentation according to the checklist   Please note that you need two copies of all required documentation for your application
  3. Please include the form “Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis” as well as  “Zusatzblatt A” which need to be  completed and signed by your employer in Germany. You will require the original plus two copies.
  4. Please read the data protection regulation and print out the data regulation signature sheet
  5. Visa fees
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